The training is hard...however, the people who train with Ringwise Pro-Am Boxing are the friendliest people you will find anywhere...the trainer is a miserable old git, but beneath his dark, depressive exterior, there beats a heart of gold and in there somewhere there is a soul filled with joy just waiting to burst free!
Below are a few questions & answers regarding training with Ringwise Pro-Am Boxing

Q: What do I have to do to get started?
A: Just turn up - The first lesson is always free. You need to know that the trainer you choose, is right for you. I always tell people to try as many gyms and trainers as they can before choosing, after all, you will be parting with your hard earned cash and you need to know the trainer you choose is good for you.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to start?
A: No, just bring some clothes to train in - Don't be buying boxing gloves and what have you until you know you're going to stick at it...there are always gloves in the gym you can use.

Q: Will I do some sparring?
A: Maybe never - Some people like to use boxing training to keep fit, and do everything a boxer does apart from sparring. I will only let you spar when I think you are ready and even then, only if you want will never be pushed into sparring.

Q: What will we do on the first lesson?
A: We will begin by learning the proper stance and once you have learned this, we will start with one of the most important things there is in boxing...footwork and as the weeks go by, we will learn how to punch and eventually put everything together.

Use the online form, email, or telephone for details and I look forward to seeing you in the gym


Tel: 136 0171 6554

See you in the gym!