I have never really done much advertising or gone in for any fancy marketing ideas promising marvellous things to people who take out a membership with me and I am sure that most of the people who do train with me, found me by accident or learned about me through word of mouth and anyone who knows me well, knows that with me, it has never been about the money - It's always been about the training and the people I train and I have always tried to give good, solid honest training at a very good price. 

Ringwise Boxing has been training people in Shanghai since 2008 and a great deal has changed since then...when I arrived in Shanghai in 2007, there wasn't a boxing gym to be found...especially where foreigners could train and now, there seems to be a boxing gym on every street corner, which isn't a bad thing - It shows that boxing training is becoming quite popular these days here in Shanghai.

I always let people have a free training session when they first come to the gym as I feel that if you are paying your 'hard-earned cash' to someone to train you, it's good to see what you are getting for your money and besides that, it's nice if you get along with the trainer...and the rest of the people who train there. In fact, I always advise people to try every gym and every trainer they can, because what is good for one person might not be good for another. This leads me into telling you to please get in touch to book your free training session - Please use the online form, telephone 136 0171 6554 or email me at training@ringwisepro-amboxing.com